‘Fantasma’ Pre-Sale Now Available!

Dear friends,

I’m thrilled to announce the pre-sale period for my new chapbook is here. Thank you to the editorial staff at Finishing Line Press and all those that helped these poems take shape. This is a limited-print run, which means if you want a copy, you should pre-order it now to guarantee it’s received. Also, as a condition of my contract with the press, a nominal amount of books need to be pre-sold in order to activate the full printing. The book will arrive in November once that number has been met. Thank you for your time and continued support. Please continue to buy books, especially from independent presses, publishers, and book stores.

– B



By Benjamin Alfaro
Finishing Line Press

$13.99 | Pre-Order Ships November 23, 2018

Benjamin Alfaro‘s FANTASMA is filled with ghosts. There are alternate takes, reimagined legends, and survival myths. Alfaro is a poet who knows, “the job of resurrectors is to wake up the dead.” Watch him take the ordinary bones of blue collar lives and family histories, polishing them until they reveal their many dazzling possibilities.
– José Olivarez, author of CITIZEN ILLEGAL

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