News: The Next Chapter

I’m excited to formally announce that I have accepted a position as the Development and Special Projects Assistant at the Hallie Q. Brown Community Center and will be relocating to Minneapolis at the end of the month.

While my time in Michigan has been foundational in my growth, moving to the Twin Cities will further nurture my professional, academic, and personal ambitions. I’m sad to leave but also energized by the adventure ahead.

For nearly a century, the HQB Center has been a lighthouse for the community and offers a variety of programs and critical services to the Summit-University neighborhood. They also are connected to the renowned Penumbra Theatre, where playwrights like August Wilson launched their careers.

This fall, I’ll be attending University of Minnesota to pursue a Master’s of Professional Studies in Arts and Cultural Leadership. I believe this program, designed for working professionals, will offer broad tools and strategies to increase the capacity and impact of my work.

Leaving Detroit is, in no uncertain terms, a difficult decision. This city has taught me more about the world, about my community, and about myself than anywhere else I’ve ever been. I will value these lessons, joys, and profound experiences for the rest of my life.



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